Thursday, December 28, 2006

Need for Tamil FM in Bangalore

Voila.. Lots of Fm stations tuning in.. Hmmm, quite interesting is the language barrier.. In Bangalore,India, we seem to have a hell alot of fm's broadcasting music, news headlines and more than that lots and lots of advertisement which popularize all the kind of business.. well thats good going...
But what about Tamil songs in Fm's ... There are lots of die-hard tamil music fans in Bangalore ,who are waiting to get to hear Tamil songs.. Well Hope someday in the near future, we will get to hear some kind of tamil music in Bangalore FM'S...
Either way here is a list of FM's to tune into( Alas.. no Tamil FM's)

Radio Mirchy = 98.30 Mhz
SFM =93.50 Mhz
Radio One =94.30 Mhz
Radio Indigo = 91.90 Mhz
Desh Bharathy = 102.90 Mhz
Big FM = 92.70 Mhz
Radio City = 91.05 Mhz
Air FM = 101.30 Mhz